Sunnah Sports Academy Trust

Sunnah Sports Academy Trust has a plethora of regular sports activities available to all; the young and old, the able and disabled, the active and inactive.
Activities range from archery and circuit training to football, boxing, tennis and more. These are all delivered by qualified male and female instructors.
We also have other sessions running at our very own facility in Manningham, such as; youth clubs, weekend clubs, holiday playschemes, tutoring, cook and eat classes. In the (not-so-distant) future we aspire to host other support services and establish a ‘well-being’ hub. We provide sports provisions to the home-schooler community and have being doing so for several years.
We are a charity who started from humble beginnings and have witnessed how education through sport has positively impacted the children and adults who access our services and aspire to continue to create a space where multitudes of people may gather together and benefit in the physical, mental and spiritual sense.

63 Nesfield Street

Phone Number: 07711226854