Sport, Health & Academia Project Endeavours

SHAPE-UK uses Sport, Health and Academia to engage young people. Originally from Bradford we now deliver educational intervention programmes nationally. Using Armed Forces Personnel (AFP) and civilian professionals to help young people build discipline, we also work with Russel Group universities such as Oxford and Durham to help participants aspire high and fulfil their academic potential. SHAPE enhances communication and life skills in young people that will help them become more employable in future, ensuring they become self-confident, resilient to life’s challenges and more empowered. Activities include, team-building, outdoor/adventure training and classroom-based activities that build character and advance critical thinking skills. Our cognitive learning programmes stimulate intellectual and social growth through mental and physical activities not usually taught in schools. Establishing good connections with service users and their families can allow us to take more young people from different backgrounds and social class and direct them towards a guided and promising future. SHAPE-UK’s programmes are dedicated to increase social mobility, promote diversity, heritage and British values to all ages. As an all-inclusive community hub we share local concerns including those specific to minority communities. By inspiring a sense of belonging and community cohesion we are able to provide a platform for discussions on national and international affairs. Our programmes have a holistic approach; helping individuals improve quality of life and contribute positively to society.

310 Thornton Road

Phone Number: 01274 214447