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Our Story
We are simply 3 Mums with a Passion for using creativity to empower others.

Natalie Collick
Nursery Nurse and trainee Play Therapist.
I have always had a desire and a passion for helping people. Throughout my career i have had many roles in dealing with people and building strong relationships.
After having my own children I decided to take a career break and gained a healthcare and social care and childcare qualification. This lead me to assist my local childrens’ centre and becoming parent champion of the area and running my own messy play sessions.
Once my children were at school i worked in a local nursery and started a play therapy course as i realised that there are so many needs that are not being met in schools and nurseries.
I am a just a mum , who enjoys supporting families and have a natural flare with building strong bonds between parents and children.

Corinna Parkins’
Trained Primary Teacher with a passion for raising self esteem in young children and a heart for bringing and growing community through the creative arts
After Teaching in Mainstream Primary School I was frustrated at the lack of time and attention that was payed in developing children’s self esteem and self worth. With the focus being more and more upon the educational side i felt that many children were struggling and falling through the gap unable to learn coping strategies and life skills for the future!
I also am passionate about supporting families and building community through creative mediums.

Kate Morris
Degree in Drama and the community
Trained and experienced Drama workshop leader as well a fully qualified Nursery Nurse with a over 20 years experience of working with children and the wider community to build up confidence, self esteem and exploring difficult social issues through the medium of Drama and the creative arts.
I have a believe drama and the creative arts are a fantastic way to help people to grow in confidence and self-esteem. Through drama you can safely explore the world and face it's problems without stigma and judgement.

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