Friends of Bradford Moor Park

Friends of Bradford Moor Park are a group of people from the local area who would like to bring the park back to its former glory. They would like to see the park maintained appropriately, for the park to become what it was, a hub for families to come and use, to socialise, to enjoy and for people's mental health and well-being to be improved.
According to YMCA obesity is affecting children as young as 4 years old, there was a 32% difference in a person's well being to being active and non active. Friends of Bradford Moor Park want the people of Bradford 3 and surrounding areas to come out and support us in maintaining the park so that more people will use the park so that their mental health will improve and the obesity levels will decrease.
As a group we are committed in doing regular cleanups. We would also like to organise fun events for the community of Bradford Moor such as cricket, football, tennis or even a cake sale where it would get people to come out, go for a walk, get together and be part of something which is better for everyone.
We are a new group and would want people and buisnesses to come forward in supporting us.

Friends of Bradford Moor Park
C/O Laisterdyke Youth Centre, Manse Street

Phone Number: 07825702350